Some people decide to start their own business instead of working for a company or organization. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantage?

Opening a startup or doing a business is becoming increasingly common these days. It is believed by some people that it is more beneficial than working under an organization. This essay will highlight both the positives and negatives of this trend and explain why it is more advantages to start one’s own business. Looking at the positives, one major advantage is the flexible working hours that the person can enjoy. This is because, in a business there is no fixed timings and people can work accordingly to their own routine, which is not the case if you are working under a boss. Another significant advantage is that an individual can work independently and peacefully. For instance, some people are not good at working under the supervision of a manager, as they feel pressured, which results in hampering their mental peace. Despite the benefits above, one major issue is the risk factor involved in a business. If a person is not having a good understanding of the market statistics, than this may lead him in making bad decisions, which might result in some losses. Another problem is the lack of retirement benefits. That is to say, if you are working for a company than you may get some retirement pension or facilities such as medical allowances and many more. However, this is very rare and followed by mostly government organizations. In conclusion, advantages like flexibility in working and independent working, clearly outweighs the minor disadvantages that could results if the person is starting its own business.
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