Some people think that there should be some strict controls about noise. Others think that they could just make as much noise as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Because of the underlying hazardous impacts of noise, some are of a school of thought against the freedom to generate noise. From my own perspective, governments should take stricter control over the noise production of their residents. When it comes to carrying out the manipulation on this factor, there are various rationale reasons to explain to it. The plain truth is that the constant interaction with the disturbing noise in the surrounding could deteriorate people’s health. In recent surveys, people, especially the senior, could suffer from the hearing loss or headache as living in the environment with excessive noise. On top of that, the young generation could be distracted from their work or business, which abates the efficiency and productivity in the sustainable working process. As a thrust of many experts’ arguments, the ideal workplace includes the peaceful atmosphere or the acceptable level of noise such as libraries’ one. Henceforth, governments should manipulate the great deal of produced noise, unless they want to motivate the foundation of noise pollution. In comparison with the stricter rules to limit this continuity, conspicuously, people should be solely entitled to produce noise for the recreational purposes. Inferred from the fact that people often create a set of sounds to celebrate some special occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties. However, these types of sound are acceptable and comfortable. Additionally, some special occasions which rarely come into sight should be also allowed to occur. The best persuasive evidence is the trophy of Vietnamese football team, which burst all citizens into tear; subsequently, all of them make noise to cheer and celebrate for this victory. Therefore, these cases should not be halted. As aforementioned explanations, although some special situations are acceptable, governments ought to introduce laws to prevent this potential menace.
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