Some studies suggest that children spend more time watching TV than they did in the past and spend less on doing active and creative things. Why do you think this is happening? What measures and methods can be used to solve the issue

It is argued that young generations nowadays are in favor of staying in front of TV rather than doing outdoor activities or other kinds of keeping themselves creative. From my perspective, this comes from many reasons and there are several useful methods to address this problem. It is undeniable that there are a handful of factors leading to the immersion in online programmes of children. First, the neglect of parental role renders youths to face with the lack of awareness about the severe consequence of watching TV. In fact, parents in low or middle-income families are obliged to devote more time to work for better financial accumulation, which forces them to frequently leave their offspring alone and in turn, is the direct exposure to TV’s screens per day. Second, the mismanagement of educational systems might be responsible for the adverse effects of TV on kids. In the absence of outdoor games as well as courses of aesthetic subjects after schooling days, pupils have no way to keep their mind active and reach a great level of creativity resulting in the practice of viewing TV consistently. To solve this harsh problem, adults should join hand together to reduce the children’s waste of time on screens. Indeed, each spouse needs to increase their understanding about their role models in kids’ lives by paying attention to their viewing time and encouraging them to hang out for improving social skills. Furthermore, as regards educational institutions, plenty of policies might have to be implemented with the boost of sport games on school yards and evening courses about painting or sculpturing. As a result, children’s mental and physical health would be enhanced that makes significant contributions to their growing maturity. In conclusion, I would give credence that the option to watching TV too much of youths mostly comes from the neglect of parents and teachers; however, there are many effective methods to deal with this issue.
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