Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

Nowadays, the disappearance of many sources of languages all over the world has been in vogue. Some belong to a school of thought supporting that human’s lives would be easier and easier due to this incident, while other people are in the opposite opinion. From my own perspective, I acquiesce that the happening problem results in the simpler life; however, it still plays an irreplaceable role in modern community. When it comes to the severities in having a handful of spoken methods, the vanishing of different languages would alleviate them. The plain truth is that this fosters the mutual understanding between relating nations by virtue of a single language to communicate. To be more specific, the less languages are of the wide practice, the more mere interactions people gain. The best persuasive evidence for this case is the disparity between Philippine, in which there are 30 distinctive mother tongue languages to exist, and Singapore, which considers English as the main national communicating efficacies. Should Singapore be a bilingual or trilingual nation, this country will not be able to reach their peak in the sustainable development, which is as same as Philippine’s. Therefore, the life would be much more convenient as this status quo continues to take place. In comparison with the convenience deprived of this occurrence, conspicuously, the erosion of linguistic knowledge as well as the cultural diversification would be correspondingly stimulated to occur. Inferred from the fact that every individual appearance of a certain language stands for each antiquity of a discrete civilization. Thus, as being on the verge of extinction, this adverse practice might also put its rationale heritage into oblivion, which leads to the unrecoverable loss in the tradition and culture resources. For instance, civilized people have witnessed the regretting disappearance of Atlantics, the mysterious forgotten civilization because they have tried in vain to recover its spoken language. Henceforth, the diversification of the world would result from a significant damage as people ignore this underlying menace. As aforementioned explanations, albeit the merits we gain, people should take concrete action to prevent this issue from disappearing/
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