Some people sat that family is the most powerful influence in a child's development. Other's say that other factors such as (Television, friends, music, etc.) play a greater role today. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A child's development depends on many factors such as family, friends, television and each factor has its own unique contribution towards the upbringing of a child. The moment a child is born the first contact is with his/her parents whereas other factors comes into existence at a later stage. Its is a proven fact that the brain develops 75% by the age of 5, and learns twice as fast as compared to an adult's brain. Hence, families impact a lot into development of a child's intellectual growth. By the age of 5 the child learns almost all important task needed him/her to face the world such as walking, talking recognizing people, mannerism and all these characteristics are made possible by continuous efforts of parents. On the other hand, there are whole lot of other factors such as television, friends, music through which a child discovers a whole different world of experience. For instance TV helps a child's mind to explore its imagination through commercials or cartoons which may lead to enhance its artistic character. Whereas friendship creates a bond that teaches trust and reliability apart from family. Last but not the least, music helps immensely as it is part of a child's life from a very early stage, for example the lullaby's and nursery rhymes which are taught in nursery still stays intact in mind ever after 20-30 years. In a nutshell, factors may be many that influence a child's development but I strongly believe that family contributes the most. Not to forget, family is the first friend for a child and everything comes later.
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