universities should accept equal number of male and female students, do what extent do you agree?

More and more global corporations are setting up their operations in under developed countries. This essay will discuss the merits and drawbacks of this industrialization. The main benefit for the developing country that it lowers unemployment rate. These companies bring hefty amount of foreign investments to setup their factories and operations which in turn creates jobs in the economy. The other major advantage is that it makes the market more competitive which is beneficial to the customer. When consumers have more options of a particular product, the market of that product is more competitive, in order to gain market share all the companies will try their best to give the best value proposition to the customer, due to this the customer benefits. The main drawback of such expansions to the developing countries is the exploiting of the country’s resources. When these big companies want to expand their business in rather less developed economies they tend to have a bargaining advantage which means they can exploit the country’s natural resources and can have access to cheaper labor by paying them below average wages. The best example is when American corporations setting up their business in China, in the recent BBC documentary the working condition of the factory workers has come under scrutiny and child labor instances were noted as well. In conclusion, the multinational organizations expansion of their operations in developing economies are beneficial in that they help bring down the unemployment rate and the local market becomes more competitive. On the other side of spectrum the main disadvantage is these corporations exploit the country’s resources.
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