Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?

With the advancement of technologies
the internet
and smart mobile
phones interaction
phones, interaction
phone interaction
phone phone interaction
of people have changed immensely. Tools
as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype have brought people close to each other unlike in the past.
essay will describe the closeness of the family members as and advantage while children falling prey to sexual predators on the internet as a downfall of the advancement of technology. In some families, responsibilities of parents
as employment and commitments of
Accept comma addition
children, such
as education have forced them to be living in different
of or relating to the science of geography
locations. But, thanks to today's technologies they can still be close to each other via smart mobile phones.
For example
, I know a family where father is in a European country doing a job for
20 years and the family, wife and four girls are living in Sri Lanka.
they had to wait for weeks to send and receive
mails but
Accept comma addition
mails, but
now they speak to each other,
when ever
at whatever time
they want
to use
, earlier for a person to interact with another person they mostly had to physically meet. Especially to convince someone into a relationship people had to meet several times. But now with tools
as Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp never need to meet to affirm a relationship. Sexual predators who are behind children make use of these tools to make them fall prey and
, abuse them, when they are convinced to meet them. A recent Newspaper article revealed that twenty percent of the recent child abuse cases were originated from a famously used social media application for smart mobile phones. In conclusion, when there are advancement of technology, there can be advantages
as bringing families together and disadvantages
as children falling prey to sexual predators. So as people we should be aware of these both sides and try to use only for the good of it.
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