As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual well-being. What factors contribute to job satisfaction? How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

A large number of adults these days are working to earn a living. And to make it a lovable experience, it is more important to be satisfied from the job. This essay will discuss the factors contributing to it as well its possibility. There are a number of elements that results in happiness from a job. Firstly, a good working environment plays a key role in satisfaction of workers. For example, friendly colleagues result in a better working time. Secondly, an inspirational boss can also have a better impact on his workers. Thirdly, a good amount of salary, that fulfill the needs of a person, can also affect the person's satisfaction. Lastly, timely vacations also have a part to play in a person's job satisfaction, as it gives a break and provides with mental peace. Job satisfaction for all workers is not a realistic approach. A lot of people work just to get paid, so that they can pay their bills, regardless of how boring their jobs are. Furthermore, as living gets expensive, with a rise in utility, accommodation and transport bills, people are now applying for jobs regardless of its nature and length of time. Even though, people are working overtime or with double jobs to meet their expenses these days. To conclude, a good working space, friendly leader, easy working hours and better payments make the person satisfied with his job. But, on the other hand, with challanges in living in today's world, people are compromising on job satisfaction.
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