Some people do not allow their children to participate in games, sports or competitions unless everyone gets a prize. Others think that children must learn to deal with winning and losing in order to be fully prepared for life. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In recent times, younger generations of parents believe that the best way to raise their children is by protecting them from feeling inferior to others, but there are also parents who believe that their children have to learn how to cope with frustration, in order to make them stronger and make them realize how the real world is. First of all, those parents who don’t let their children be part of competitions unless they get a symbolic recognition, have this posture because they think that if a child gets in touch with this type of events in early life, it can affect his or her self-esteem. They also think that this can make children feel that they are not good enough for certain types of activities, and this could make them avoid sport or other types of competitions in the future, banning themselves from a full experience in those activities, just because of a bad first impression. On the other hand, letting children participate in competitive activities, can help them to socialize with other children and prevent them from being shy. This can also help them learn that they have to be constant and disciplined in order to achieve something; and this would also let them know that they can’t always get the prize, but instead of feeling bad and drop the activity, they have to learn from that experience to become stronger and to work harder in order to improve themselves. Finally, I think that children must learn how to compete and participate in activities that only give recognition to the best performer, because this will help them understand that to achieve great things in life, you have to be disciplined and hardworking.
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