Some people think it is better to give donations to local charitable organizations, while others choose to give to national or international bodies. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Addressing the social cause through the charitable activities and donations to the institutions is a known process where individuals based on their interest or inclination, give away in form of the cash or kind. Instantly, debatable aspect is giving donation to local or national/international bodies. In this eassy, I will discuss about both way of donation and give my opinion on why I believe in giving donation to local charities. For instance, local organizations having a limited resources and understand local problems comprehensively. The donations to this groups will lead to instant result and we can directly see the impact in short duration of time. However, this institution not having a well defined system or process and mostly driven by person centric and some time led to surreal result of donations. For Example, A leading non-profit in India - PRADAN, works extensively on the tribal community in rural part of the country. However, there are increasingly global charities working on issues or theme led social problem. For instance, organisations like PETA work on the animal abuse at global level. This institutions having a better system and processes to deliver the work, but major portions of donation will go towards internal process/overhead. Also, there would be clear co-relation between the donations and its impact at ground as it will take years to see major changes led by international organizations. Like, Gates Foundation - A global persoal charity, work on maternal health in the developing world and real impact required years of dedicated work. In a nutshell, both category of charity organizations come with pros and cons. In my opinion, I will firmly believe in donating to local bodies as I clearly see and track the utility of money and not allow squandering the money.
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