Films and games can be accessed at any time from mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Do the advantages of such developments outweigh the disadvantages?

In today's globalized world, a lot of entertainment are located on portable devices at persons fingertips. Some claim that this phenomenon has positive aspects. The aim of this essay is justify that such benefits outweigh drawbacks. On the one hand, nowadays, it has been easier to get the access to such entertainments as games or films for kids than it was before. Unfortunately, such development is not good for children. In the young age it is often hard to keep their attention on education, since they have laptops or phones with the Internet access. Take the case of Europe, for example. In 2017 german scientists conducted a research and revealed that schools where were allowed to bring devices inside became the worst in regions. However, there are benefits that people are capable to find any films or games on their gadgets. It is obvious that while person is travelling by train or by plane there is no another way except waiting. So, entertainments really can help to kill some time in the occasions. Moreover, not only do devices assist to spend time, but also they suggest a good way for education. Currently, there are a lot of training games and films, which persons can find online. For instance, it was reported in The New York Times few years ago that almost half information on the Internet is about training or teaching something. Thus, people are really capable to study, using their tablet computers, laptops or smartphones. To conclude, taking everything into account, the disadvantages of such phenomenon are real, but the benefits above outweigh the drawbacks. Our world and society have been developing extremely fast and people should use technologies effectively.
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