The best way to solve the environmental problems is to increase the price of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Environmental protection is one of the most important challenges that we are facing. Some people state that the most effective way to tackle environmental issues is to rise the fuel cost. To some extent, I believe this solution could bring good results but definitely there are much better methods. It is obvious that the growth of fuel price is an ieal solution for solving problems of the environment. As the cost of fuel is higher, people might use them more efficiently, more economized and the natural resources exploitation will also be minimized which reduce the problem of waste disposal. Moreover, citizens will take the public transportation like bus, train or ride bicycles instead of using their own private cars and motorbikes so that we could reduce quite a hugh amount of toxic emissions everyday. However, there are superior ways to protect the environment that we should consider. The first solution is to plant more trees and flowers which will help to beautify the cityscape as well as improve the air quality. The second solution is have stricter punishment for people who have been accused for deteriorating the environment. For instance, they should be required to pay a huge fine or receive a prison sentence. Additionally, throw-away products like plastic bags, soda can ditrimentally impact our living surroundings so that we should end up using them and change to eco-friendly alternatives. In conclusion, protecting environment is a challenge that needs the contribution of every individual, organization in the world as well as the combination of different solutions. We should deal with the pollution problems bit by bit, day by day so that we can reach the balance of the environment.
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