Some people think high-end technology can prevent and cut down the rate of committing crime. Do you agree or disagree?

people believe that the crime rate can be exponentially reduced with the use of high-end technology. In my opinion, cutting edge technologies can really prove to be a boon in the depletion of crime rates. Installation of CCTV cameras, biometric machines, cameras at the doorbell for person recognition can prove to be very efficient in reducing the rate of committing crime. Firstly, to avoid or decrease the rate of crimes occurring on roads, CCTV cameras can be installed at various locations along the road. This will increase the level of fear amongst offenders. In other words, inmates will think before committing any crime. Secondly, smart locks and cameras installed at the door for person recognition can help in providing more security in households, hence it will reduce the crime rate in households. In addition to this, 3D body scanning that are usually installed at the airports and other security checks can prove to be really efficient in reducing crime rates. Moreover, offenders won't be able to carry any weapon if the security is super efficient. Finally, to increase security in multi-national companies, biometric machines and retina scanners can be installed. This would help in allowing only legit people in the premises. Moreover, there can be a huge reduction in stealing at malls or showrooms with the installation of tag scanner machines in the shopping malls. Furthermore, for reducing the rate of cyber crimes, for example, online money stealing, blackmailing, these can be reduced with the use of secured online banking and secured social media accounts. Lastly, the cybercrime rate is increasing drastically in recent times as the world is more digital now. As they say "Smooth comes with the rough". Digitization brings a lot of cyber criminals an appealing invitation. To prevent this, password authentication mechanisms like Two-Factor authentication and cryptography can be used. Encrypted information is less likely to be misused. To conclude, it is quite evident that latest cutting-edge technologies can help in depleting the rate of crime. It is efficient in reducing not only the rate of physical crimes, but will also result in down cut in cyber crime rates.
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