Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such place?

Exploring the unexplored places is becoming a point of interest to some travellers. Tourism industry is on boom due to more people taking interest in visiting extremely adventurous places. The experience gives tourist a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment but some dangers are also associated with it. In this essay I shall discuss merits and demerits of visiting such places. On the positive side, such journeys give a life changing experience to the travellers. On successful completion of tour they can smell a sense of achievement. Also these tours pours new energy and bravery in tourist, which works as motivational factor, consequently, it can be helpful in work. Apart from this, such trips also measures physical and mental capacities of tourist, which gives idea that where one stand in case of fitness and how one is capable to make judicious decisions in critical conditions. It is seen in some corporates in India that they recruit and promote person with more exertion who have completed difficult tours. On the down side, these places are full of pitfalls. Needless to say that Weather always becomes enemy with sudden extreme cold or heavy rainfalls. For example, 26 hikers died during trekking in Mount Everest due to heavy snowfall. Additionally, excellent health and mental power is crucial to accomplish such trips. A little stress or strain can spoil whole journey. Moreover, a danger from unfamiliar wild animals and insects is always there. In conclusion, looking to the benefits of visiting dangerous places, it is only advisable to go in such trips if the person is physically fit and mentally alert, also proper planning and understanding weather forecast is necessary.
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