These days fathers stay at home to take care of children while mothers go out to work. What could be the cause of this? Do you think it is a positive or a negative development?

Increasing number
An increasing number
Increasing numbers
The increasing number
of fathers nowadays stay at home to cater for their children as mothers become breadwinners. While
is caused by the ever increasing emphasis on gender equity, girl child education and woman empowerment, it is an unwelcome development. Over the years, so much emphasis
have been
has been
on women empowerment and gender equity and
seemed to have relegated men and fathers to the background in the socioeconomic sphere. Women now becoming more ambitious.
In addition
rising cost
the rising cost
of living among families
have pushed
has pushed
mothers to
take up jobs. These jobs sometimes pay better than that of fathers, so fathers may give up their job to become househusbands for the sake of their children especially if it is expensive having a nanny. These are the 2 main reasons why fathers babysit and cater for children and mothers are out there providing for the family. Housekeeping and taking care of children by fathers is one of the cultures
a worsening of business or economic activity
by modernism and civilisation in the world today. The question
is are
has been
fathers naturally built to cater for babies and children? Even from childhood, instinctively, a girl child is homely and attend to house chores far much more than a boy and women are naturally endowed with all
that is
needed to nurture babies and cater for children. An example of
is the breast milk for a hungry baby, which we all know has no substitute, not even the best of infant formulae. Naturally the body chemistry and neural wiring for mothers are meant for
care giving, whereas that of a father is hustling and providing for the family. Any change in
the tide
Accept comma addition
nature, such
, is always a negative one. It is indeed a social malady and its repercussions will soon befall the world in the future. In conclusion, children's care giving by fathers is a family ill because it is unnatural. Its causes are, increasing family economic demand and women empowerment and its negative effects will soon manifest in our societies if
trend is not reversed.
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