The government should allocate more fund to the educational sector than health sector. At what extend do you agree other disagree.

It is thought that the government should pristine financing the academic sector over the health sector. While I applaud the authority for funding both sectors, I however, disagree that education should get more funding Firstly, the increase in population on a constantly base ultimately puts more pressure on the health administration, and to counter such pressures, government should spend more funding upgrading and expanding the health sector. On the other hand, education may not witness such rise in demand as population grows, owing to the fact that not everybody will be interested in going to school. For example, it was estimated by the world health organisation that visits to hospitals increases by 30% each year owing , population growth. Although, funding the education sector has its own merits, such as an increase in skilled personnel. This can help boost the economy because there will be abundant skilled applicants waiting to contribute to the development of the economy. But having a healthier environment because of the infrastructural health care available outweighs this positive. In conclusion, I totally disagree with the idea that education sector be more funded than the health sector. This is because health affects all, as humans are prone to fall sick at one time or another, but education is optional, as some people will not be interested. Therefore, it seems logical to allocate more funding on the sector that impacts everybody
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