Finding job satisfaction is considered to be very luxury in developing countries. Why do you think that is? Do you think job satisfaction is important?

In most of the developing nations work satisfaction considered as a luxury because, it is linked to the employee’s professional as well as the personal life. In my opinion, the job satisfaction is extremely important and if an employee is happy with his work, he will perform very efficiently and productive. The work ethics and daily practices are defined in most the companies by the human resource department. If these policies are really satisfying the employee’s expectations they will definitely love their job. In developing countries, an organization are providing facilities such as, healthy working environment, life and heath insurances including their family, availing work from home, yearly increments and bonus’s etc. These all facilities are means a lot to an employee during his or her employment serving period. For example, according to survey conducted in the Canada on happiness index relating to their work life, which exemplifies, 85% the people are happy with their employment and they believe it is all driven well as a treat due to standardization of the work practices. In addition to this, job satisfaction plays a vital role in an employee’s personal life too. The people who are really like what they are doing, they serve better, efficiently and more productively. The satisfied employee’s personal and professional life is stress free, and then they can enjoy their life fully. Such kinds of person’s have fewer complaints about their life, work and even family as –well. For example, in reference to survey conducted by Unicef Inc. in 2010 regarding an employment satisfaction and they were interviewed around 2000 people around the globe. They came to result that, the people who are satisfied with their work are happier as compare to unsatisfied one, they have more time for their family and regularly they enjoy short picnic plans with their family and friends. To conclude, in my opinion, considering the job satisfaction as a luxury really worth it, when, it comes to happiness on the personal as well the professional level. At the end of the day job satisfaction really matter in everyone’s life.
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