You work for an international company. You have seen an advertisement for a training course which will be useful for your job. Write a letter to your manager, in your letter:  Describe the training course you want to do  Explain what the company could do to help you  Say how the course will be useful for your job

I came across an advertisement recently in the local newspaper about a management
to be held in the month A
Change preposition
of August
show examples
I want to seek your permission to enrol i
Change preposition
show examples
as it will enhance my skills, ultimately, benefiting the company. Talking about the
in detail, it is going to be held from 1st August to 30th August in the Town Centre and needs prior registration. T
he most
Correct article usage
show examples
of the lectures will be given by the top economists of the country who will share their techniques in order to get a better hold of the market. I am confident that
will not help to elevate my skill set about management but
, in turn, help our corporation to expand our presence to a wider variety of channels,
, taking our business to a whole new level.
, I want the company to exempt me from my duties till the completion of the
. Thanking you for giving your valuable time and I hope to get a positive response from your side.
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The Greeting

Depending on the style and aim of the letter, you will need to adapt your greeting.

Always start an informal letter in the ways:

  • Dear + name
  • Hi / Hello + name

‘Dear...’ is more appropriate, so stick with this.

For a formal letter there are two options for the greeting:

  • Use Dear Sir or Madam if you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to.
  • Use Dear + surname if you do know their name, e.g. Dear Mr Smith or Dear Mrs Jones.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • professional development
  • training course
  • skillset enhancement
  • educational leave
  • sponsorship
  • reimbursement
  • knowledge integration
  • work efficiency
  • career progression
  • continuing education
  • team contribution
  • productivity boost
  • expertise building
  • industry standards
  • hands-on experience
  • networking opportunities
  • cutting-edge techniques
  • best practices
  • return on investment
  • in-house training
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