One of the best methods to motivate and encourage workers is to pay them according to what they produce or sell. Do you think that this is the best method? Give relevant examples from your experiences.

Recently, the economist
has suggested
that in order to invigorate the worker to work efficiently is to give the salary according to their production and sales level. In return, it will help to incur the development of the economy
, in my view,
suggestion may not be suitable for certain types of jobs.
of all, the employees work diligently in producing or selling a certain product deserved to be rewarded.
, the employers paying
salary according
Accept comma addition
salary, according
to their effort will
boost their self esteem and to work even harder.
For example
, in the food industry, those who promotes the most will receive higher payments than others and in turn will motivate the other workers to do the same thing as the best one. Eventually, the industry’s or the organizational's financial status will flourish in a short amount of time.
method of wages may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety to the worker if they are unable to reach the target sales or production. Too much stress may lead to health complications which may affect their daily routine.
, the company productivity will be affected as many of the workers may take sick leaves or resign from their current position.
situation occurred because some of the occupations require to sell certain products
as medical device or services which are difficult to sell and usually not in demand by the consumers. It may not be fair for the workers, despite selling a number of products yet unable to obtain reasonable wages according to their effort which include other expenses they have to bear
as travelling costs and gas cost.
, the company needs to place reasonable target for the workers to achieve. In conclusion, it is better to set a reasonable target for the sales person to achieve and still maintaining a good
among the co-worker. At the same time, those who achieve beyond the goal deserve to receive extra bonus and incentive from their company.
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