In many nations more and more shops are open for long hours. Is this a positive or negative development for the shoppers and local community.'

Recently, there
has been
an increase in the number of shopping malls opened for a long period of
in many countries. In my opinion, it has pro's and con's on both the buyers and the
a surrounding or nearby region
in equal measure. The increased number of shopping hours promotes convenience for the shoppers and more job opportunities in the local
. People can purchase items at any
that is
feasible for them which helps them to keep up with the hectic work
schedule everyone
schedule as everyone
faces in today's era.
For example
, a student who
works may need to visit the mall at odd hours due to
constraint. More so, shop owners will require more labour to cope with these long hours thereby promoting employment. These jobs which are usually done in shifts are flexible and enables people to have more than one job or even work while studying.
trend becomes a positive development to the shoppers and local
, the high criminal risk to the shoppers and increased financial burden to the local
are the drawbacks.
, shopping especially at odd hours poses danger on the shoppers due to exposure to robbery attacks, kidnapping and other forms of vices. To elucidate, the Nigerian police department in 2018 has warned that the increased number of hours shops are opened has concurrently led crime rate to 70% as against the 20% seen in 2017.
Accept space
financial burden
the financial burden
is placed
the local
due to services
as security and traffic regulation which must be maintained to cope with long operational hours in shopping
an area that is approximately central within some larger region
. The above makes it a negative development. To conclude, the increase in shopping
hours which
Accept comma addition
hours, which
promotes convenience and employment
at the same
increases crime rate and financial burden on both the shoppers and
a surrounding or nearby region
equal scale
an equal scale
, it is essential for nations to weigh both sides before imbibing it into their society
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