With increasing populations and ever growing urban centers, many countries are losing their natural beauty spots. What benefits are there to protecting places of natural beauty? How can this be solved?

Urbanization and overpopulation lead to the destruction of natural scenes of different countries. Tourism and environmental protection are some of the advantages of preserving those natural landscapes. Avoiding
and industrial development are some of the ways of keeping
areas. There are certain numerous positive outcomes of preserving natural areas. Natural places are having paramount importance in tourism and
economics flourishing of a country. Visitors from other countries come to explore natural scenes of a host country. Which in turn is critical for a country’s economic growth, as the high influx of tourist’s means more revenue generation. Thailand,
for example
, has significantly strived for preserving and protecting its natural sceneries, in order to gain inflow of tourists every year.
In addition
, environmental pollution and devastated climate can be curbed by maintaining natural areas, owing to the greenery it possesses. Overall, natural areas are linked to the tourism growth and a better environment. Admittedly, there are ways to mitigate the ruination of attractive areas.
, limiting or restricting
advancement is one of the solutions of keeping natural spots. Fostering
encourages deforestation and elimination of beautiful areas.
For instance
, expansion of roads, buildings, highways, and markets lead to the loss of appealing natural sites. Another solution is to stop or limit the running of industries and businesses in
, discouraging
and business, industry evolution are the options of keeping natural areas unchanged. In conclusion, urban development and population growth are leading to the loss of natural essences of natural areas. Tourism rise and human friendly environment are the benefits of
areas. Avoiding or limiting the
and industry buildup are the ways to tackle vanishing of natural scenes.
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