Immigration has a major impact on the society. What are the main reasons of immigration? To what consequences can it lead?

Immigrant issue has become
major problem
a major problem
in many countries. The discussion on what cause immigration continuously occurs and what effects
issue has posed to society still unsettled.
essay will be elaborated on the main reasons and consequences of immigration. One of the most possible theories that explains why people need to flee from their homelands is a desire to have a better
. Better quality of
can be divided into many aspects, but the most mentioned explanations are greater
opportunities and personal safety. For those who are facing dead ends in expanding
possibilities, leaving the
seems to be a fresh start for them.
For instance
, many retired European fly to spend the rest of their lives in Asian countries, where the living cost is much cheaper than their origins.
, many countries have been facing wars, financial crisis, or natural disaster. These hardships leave people with no choices but to leave their place of birth to find a place that can give them peace and safety. Undeniably, destination countries are those who directly affected by
event. Issues,
as language barrier and cultural differences, may arise due to the immigrants coming from completely different backgrounds.
, having more people to take care means that destination countries have to spend more money to facilitate them. Because of that, they will have less money to develop other parts of
the country
. To conclude, an urge for seeking happiness and stability in
is the root cause of immigration.
, the nations that
are open for immigrants
then open for immigrants need
are open for immigrants then need
need to spend more resources in order to take care of them properly. Under these circumstances, each
should be aware of their readiness before hands any
to the immigrants. Meanwhile, the immigrants should
prepare themselves enough to adapt
the new
, before leaving their homelands.
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