People sleep less than before in many countries. Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on an individually and on society?

Insomnia is becoming a problem, especially for big city residents. The number of people who experience lack of sleep is increasing in many countries all over the world.
essay will explain some reasons of that problem and possible impacts to people who are exposed to it themselves and to others.
question, why people, especially workers, sleep less?
, it is because those executives meet the work deadlines every single day.
For instance
, a manager who has just arrived in London after taking twelve hours of flight from Jakarta has to prepare a presentation to meet his client in the
morning. If it happens almost every week, it will ruin his sleeping schedule.
, they have to deal with their family by the time they get back home.
For example
, a working
an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman)
has to look after her baby after working so she will not feel as if she is a bad
, those obligations make people feel nervous and hardly go directly to sleep even after they have finished their duty at the office.
, what kind of negative impacts can happen to people who experience it and to society around those people? There are several unpleasant things can happen.
, in an individual scale, in can cause a serious health effect, namely severe insomnia. Uncertain sleeping schedule can ruin our biological clock and it can mainspring hormonal changes in the long run.
, that person can be so annoying to his or her colleagues because he or she hardly focus on the project.
can cause a really bad relationship amongst beloved family members and co-workers. I am certain that there is nobody who like to see a grumpy person all day long. To conclude, I believe people experience insomnia mainly because of the work deadlines.
, it causes so many drawbacks in a personal level and
in a working level.
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