Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment, only governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is thought that only governments and large industries can cause a change in the environment with the members of the society having no roles to play. In my opinion,
authorities of a county and large businesses can make major impacts on preserving the environment, I do not agree that individuals can do nothing On the one hand, supporters of the view that only governments and large companies can bring about major differences believe so because of the resources available to them, alongside the cooperation with different organisations that assist in preserving the surroundings. To illustrate,
most of these businesses release an enormous amount of wastes into inappropriate places
as water, they
take steps to contact different bodies that can help reduce the effects of these wastes by converting them into other useful substances.
, people are led to believe that individuals have no capacity to carry out
, I believe that individuals have several roles to perform in maintaining the growth of the environment.
, their knowledge and awareness of degrading factors in the surroundings aid in combating the factors..
For instance
, the idea of plastic wastes being non-biodegradable, and often released into water bodies has propelled residents in a small town in Zambia to rid large rivers of these wastes while preserving aquatic life.
, deforestation, which is a major cause of global warming is now being tackled at an individual level.
For example
, students of the department of Agriculture at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria now plant trees for each one fell.
As a result
, the effects of deforestation are reduced. In conclusion, while nations and large industries may take several steps to improve the surroundings, I believe that individuals have a place in making a difference, if given the opportunity. It is hoped that more people will engage in environmental preservation.
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