In many countries today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment. What factors may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, can/should be done about it?

Education awareness has already been spread around the world.
, is
enough for students to reach the zenith of success? Even people who have completed their formal education from prestigious colleges have no job in quite a few nations across the globe.
essay will elaborate
on its plausible causes and later on my proposed solutions will be highlighted.
, the legacy education system is the prime reason for the unemployment of even highly educated people.
primarily happened because of theoretical curriculum which was designed 40-50 years ago is no longer stands appropriate for inculcating the skills in demand at present times.
For instance
, even the fresh pass-outs of engineering colleges need
grooming to understand the applicability of whatever they have learnt.
, owing to social pressure, students focus particularly on their final degree percentages and start memorizing the solutions as opposed to understanding the same.
, mentioned consequences did not happen just by chance, but has some practical causes.
, staying abreast of the latest advancements in teaching practices around the world would definitely help to resolve aforementioned issue. If the authorities start promoting different apprenticeship programs as part of schooling,
, in my opinion,
will definitely help many communities.
, if companies start giving some relaxation in eligibility criteria based on academic percentages, students would probably focus more on the applicability of their school subjects.
, transformation of teaching methodologies is the need of the hour to reduce the unemployment. In conclusion, formal schooling is an indispensable aspect of any child's upbringing.
, that does not suffice the need. Vocational training and focus on excellence are the possible way outs for mitigating the boredom and improving the attitude of young generation towards their career prospects.
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Support ideas with relevant, specific examples

Examples make your writing easier to understand by illustrating points more effectively.

Examples, if used properly, not only help you get higher marks for ‘Task Response’ but also for ‘Coherence’.

When giving examples it is best to put them after your main idea or topic sentence. They can be used in the middle of supporting sentences or they can be used to start a new sentence. There is no rule for where exactly to give examples in essays, logically they would come after your main idea/topic sentence or just after a supporting sentence.

Linking words for giving examples:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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