today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as sahara desert or the antartic. what are the benefits and disadvantages for touristic who visit places?

Nowadays, the number of individuals choosing to travel to unusual places is on a rise. Tourists visiting these areas can benefit the economy of a country and satisfy the traveller expectations, however, there will be some drawbacks. One benefit evidence for touring in an adventurous place is exploring new challenging activities. In other words, individuals who travel more often eager for fresh and exciting trips, therefore they choose to engage in unusual visits to satisfy their egos. For instance, people who are part in different trips, will choose to travel and engage in a new experience such as climbing mountains, or going on safari trips. Another reason for why tourism in places where conditions are hard is beneficial in the economic boost resulting from tourists spending their money in places such as local restaurants and souvenir shops. On the other hand, countries that are not developed lack some basic facilities for a comfortable trip. Firstly, In some countries, transportation is barely found causing stress in relocating from one place to another. Tourists can either wait long to find a taxi or a bus in order to commute or pay for a private taxi driver. Secondly, medical assistance can be either difficult to find or find that it is available in a low-quality services. For example, individuals engaging in dangerous activities are more at risk, if an incident occurs, medical health will be a major concern for those travellers. In conclusion, while it is both advantageous and exciting to pick hard conditions countries, but there will be several drawbacks regarding utilities and health care.
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