Many people believe that formal “pen and paper” examinations are not the best method of accessing educational achievement. Discuss this view and give your own opinions.

People have different views about the effectiveness of the traditional written
. While there are several modules that should not be accessed by
formal exam, I still believe that it should not be replaced completely. The traditional written
is a very common way to access the educational achievements due to its convenience.
, it can be conducted in a short time to examine a large number of students.
, it has many types of questions to
different kinds of knowledge and skills in students, namely multiple choice, short answers, reports, thesis or long essays.
That is
a reason why the written
can be used for both theoretical and practical modules.
, as long as the written examination still exists, the handwriting, which is the skill
that is
necessary for all time, will never be lost in the technology world.
On the other hand
, the formal “paper and pen”
is not the best way to examine
student’s skills
the student’s skills
in some courses.
For example
, in language courses, speaking is the skills that need to be accessed orally. A student can write a good essay in new language does not mean that he/she can speak it fluently.
, for some mini-research projects that are related to business, social science and art, beside a written final report, a presentation will be the most suitable
for teachers to check not only their students’ knowledge, but
other soft-skills like public speaking, organizing, presenting and even teamwork.
, examiners can access the student’s abilities by different tailored practical coursework.
is by far the most suitable method to know whether the students are able to understand and transfer their knowledge to practice. To conclude, the type of examinations should be depended on the nature of the educational programs’ curriculum.
, I still think that the written
is the most common and effective method for all educational organizations.

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