Every year, several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you disagree or agree?

It is true to say that nowadays, some less-spoken languages
in particular
parts of the world are facing their extinctions.
, a number of people believe that
trend has no significant impacts on people’s daily life and even makes it more comfortable. I partially agree to
statement, though there are some drawbacks as will be discussed as follows. Undoubtedly, if there were only several dominant languages existing that are used and spoken by a majority of people in the world, there would be some real benefits arising along the way.
, people would no longer have to struggle with learning languages. Since there are now hundreds of distinct languages with a variety of grammatical systems, pronunciations and so on, it is virtually impossible to master every single of them.
for example
, if it would be only Latin-rooted languages left, learners would find it easier to become multilingual thanks to their similarities.
, the language barrier might be greatly reduced and communicative impediments among people from different parts of the world would be alleviated.
For instance
, holiday makers, when visiting other countries, would be able to speak with the locals at ease because they would probably share a same language at the time.
On the other hand
trend can bring about a detrimental effect on cultural diversity and the economy of a nation. As each language represents for a unique culture, a loss in several languages would probably put an end to the long-established lifestyles of people who speak those languages.
In addition
, these unique features make a nation worth being visited. To be more exact, if some English non-speaking African countries suddenly ceased speaking their
languages and started using English
, their lifestyles would change dramatically and likely turn into those similar to the American people. If
happened, visitor would no longer want to travel to these nations because of the lack of cultural distinctions.
, the tourism industry would be negatively affected, making the overall economy of these nations exacerbated. To conclude, it is controversial whether the disappearance of languages is totally beneficial.
trend has both positive and negative sides, which are not mutually exclusive.

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