Government should spend money to encourage the development of sport and art for school students, rather than supporting professional sports and art performances for the general public. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

There is no doubt that sports and arts play a very crucial role in
the development
of a nation. While it is
that, council authorities should motivate school children to learn sports and art activities,
however they
Accept comma addition
however, they
should not encourage the professional aspect of these skills. I do not completely agree with either of these perspectives and will support my explanation with relevant examples. On the one hand, students should be encouraged to participate in these skills for their growth and development.
is because, learners should have autonomy to choose, which help them to acknowledge new dimensions of their life.
For example
, according to a report published by the UK newspaper in 2011, highlighted the
- cognitive development of these students who were involved in skills like sports or arts (music, painting, dancing).
In contrast
, a strict supervision should be done on children so that they do not over indulge and loose concentration from academics.
As a result
, they would perform
ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding
in both aspects of life.
On the other hand
, I believe
an official of a bureaucracy
should motivate the professional aspect of these skills. The reason is that, it would create a sense of patriotism as well as generate revenue, which would help in boosting economy of a country.
For instance
, in my own experience, I am a professional tennis player and have received tremendous accolades and financial benefits due to
As a result
, I donate
amount for the welfare of my state.
, the
a person trained to compete in sports
should not exploit
gift for their personal benefits.
, I believe whether these skills are encouraged at school or professional level, personality and environmental factors play an important role in choosing how to utilize these gifts. In conclusion, while it is beneficial to encourage school learners to learn sports and arts, I believe it should
be promoted professionally to lead them to a path of success.
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