Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

World has undergone a great change where people are changing habits based on their convenience. Indeed, cultural food, once used to be an honor label, has been replaced with ready to eat meals. To a certain extent, I agree that conventional food is preferred to traditional food. However, I also believe that processed food will not be prevalent. It is unquestionable that food advertisements and busy life are two diverting factors to choose ready to eat food. Time is on the wings and people have less time to spend on cooking, thus, advertisements is on the go for convenience fod. Many people get attracted and are motivated to replace the option of food preparation. Government needs to start alerting people of how dangerous is eating. Government must show the importance of the consumption of traditional food daily. In order to inform people that the lack of vitamins and nutrients can mess with their health, government can start programs to encourage people to feed themselves better. On the other hand, convenience food might be on the top list, although, it will not throughly replaced the traditional food. In reality almost 50% of world population are health conscious. It is proved in many research videos that processed food can be a high risk to health. For example, in India, whole society is proud of their traditional food and many convenience food companies have been unsuccessful as people of India have negative perceptions for processed food and they love to prepare their traditional foods. In conclusion, for reasons mentioned above, convenience food is prioritized due to the marketing attraction and lack of time to spend on cooking, in contrast, it will never distract the mind of people who are more concerned about their health.
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