Many employers are employing people with good social skills as well as good qualifications. Do you agree or disagree that good social skills is as important as good qualifications to succeed in job?

Employers look for some qualities in an
at the time of recruitment. Some people claim that a well qualified
possess good social skills in order to be successful in the workplace. I completely agree with
statement, because a qualified worker who is social can create a happy environment and healthy
at work.
, the working environment must be happy in order to achieve success. An
with good interpersonal skills will share some productive thoughts with Co workers. The colleagues will be happy to discuss freely and put in their views as well.
In addition
, they take a break for a cup of coffee or tea where they talk about general matters other than work.
, nowadays there are cultural clubs at offices and an
, who is social can take part in singing during some office celebrations.
, it will cut down the stress levels in the workplace and enhance their efficiency in job.
For instance
, a research conducted by Havard university noted that 80% of the doctors who are socially inactive are unhappy,
they are efficient professionally.
, these workers with good social skills are not only competitive but they
create a healthy
among colleagues. A company can progress, only if the employees are competitive. So, there must be a healthy
among workers.
In other words
, some creative idea by an
must be encouraged and honestly appreciated by everyone.
motivates themselves to put in extra efforts to achieve success in their careers.
For example
, in certain software companies the best
of the month is chosen by other workers and not the employer. In conclusion, even though employers must consider many qualities before hiring an
, two most important ones are qualified and good social skills to be considered. Because, the working environment needs to have healthy
and happiness, so that it can progress.
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