During a recent plane journey, you sat next to a businessman who owns a chain of restaurants. You talked to him and he suggested that you should contact him about a possible job in one of his restaurants. Write a letter to this businessman. In your letter • remind him when and where you met • tell him what kind of job you are interested in • say what you think you would be suitable for the job

Dear Mr Ali, I sat
to you on a flight from Brisbane to London on September 18th. You offered me your business card after hearing
Change preposition
about my
show examples
enthusiasm to
in a
. I am writing to remind you about a possible job that you offered me during our meeting on
very flight. It was very kind of you to advise me that I should contact you if I ever want to
in a
. As I mentioned briefly during our delightful conversation, I used to
at a
as an assistant manager and took a break from
to complete my Master's degree. Now that I am willing to
again, I would like you to consider me as a potential employee in one of your restaurants in Australia - perhaps as an assistant manager. I have worked as an assistant manager in a reputed
in Melbourne for about 3 years and before that, I was in charge of the customer care department in a retail shop. I have completed a course in hotel management from one of the top management schools in Australia.
, I have good exposure in Front Desk Management. I am positive my skills and expertise will definitely be an asset to your organisation. If you have
queries or need any information, please contact me at the email address or phone number provided on my Curriculum Vitae. Yours sincerely, Robert Caldwell
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