Many people still believe that riding a bicycle is the best way to get to places. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bicycle these days?

Cycling has always been an important mode of conveyance. There are some individuals who believe that cycles are even now the perfect mode of getting around to various places. In
essay, I will discuss the merits and de-merits of cycling to different locations and explain why it can be beneficial. In fact, there are a few disadvantages of pedaling.
, it takes more time to convey from different points in the city.
For example
, it is widely known that the speed of the cycles cannot be matched with that of motor vehicles.
, the passenger would need to labour hard for conveyance.
, cycling can be done for shorter distance, especially in the city centre. To exemplify, it is an accepted fact that a regular cyclist cannot pedal for longer distance and especially through rough terrain.
On the other hand
, there are a lot more advantages of cycling to work. Not only is the mode eco-friendly, but
also is cheaper
is also cheaper
For instance
, many people in the lower income strata prefer to cycle to work rather than relying on other vehicles with engines, which can help bring down their cost.
, cycling can help create a society of healthy people with active lifestyles.
, cycling demands lesser space compared to other modes, which requires huge infrastructure with billions of investment. One clear example is the study in Denmark, which shows that the infrastructure spending for cycle track is much lesser than rapid rail lines and which is
capable of carrying number of people than by rapid lines in a unit area. To conclude, there are a lot of merits for cycling, which outweighs its demerits easily.
, many people believe that it is one of the leading modes of transportation. Clearly, cycling is increasingly garnering a lot of publicity and attention recently, which can result in a less polluted society with healthier people.
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