The consumption of world’s resources is increasing dangerous rate. What are the causes and solutions?

The more we decorated our homes the more
Earth is being deprived of its natural riches at an exponentially desperate rate.
is happening largely due to population boom and unjustified access of conventional resources.
, it is still time to cope up with the damage by thoughtful use of available non-renewable wealth of our
. Humans have tapped so deep into the holdings of Earth that the extinction of its natural wealth is just around the corner.
dire situation can be primarily owed to a combination of financial value that resources do bring to the economic status and their un-monitored usage. The primary reason of
over exploitation is evidently the proliferation in population, globally. As, with population, increases the demand and consumption. These demands have long overrun the deposits of riches and their formation on Earth. Humans, in their self righteous nature, have forgotten the give and take relationship between natural resources and their survival.
scenario is made worse by the less aware and least caring generation of humans
that is
heavily dependent on these energy resources. People are in the sheep walk of madness to get the economic boost, caring less about their upcoming generation. While illiterate people are unaware about the damage they are causing by cutting trees and using excess fossil fuels, the educated class is
by the natural wrath that will soon be bestowed upon them. The way that human uses electricity, water, fossil wealth and pollutes environment, believing it has nothing to do with the survival of
race puts the case in point.
alarming trend has long been triggered and
in order to mitigate the damage and assure the survival of mankind, the authorities and the people are required to take reasonable and drastic steps. One step to be mentioned is that the state should impose higher taxes on the use of conventional assets to deter
On the other hand
, renewable energy sources
as solar and wind power can be developed to substitute fossil fuels in transport and manufacture. Another feasible step could be awareness campaigns, these campaigns need to be launched to make individuals acknowledge the risks of overusing natural resources through the mass media. In order to truly alleviate the existing problem, individuals need to step forward and keep their
about their finances for once. To conclude, it is the high time to look into the mirror and realise that the overuse of the world’s resources may result in severe consequences, threatening the environment and all life forms on
green. Above all strict restrictions must be implemented over the use of natural resources, to tackle
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  • Body paragraph 1 – Problems
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  • Conclusion

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  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
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