Earlier technological developments brought more benefits and changed the lives of ordinary people more than recent developments ever will. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that the prevalence of advanced technologies
have fundamentally transformed
has fundamentally transformed
the whole world. While some people opine that early technological developments have far more beneficial effects on people’s life than the recent ones, I completely disagree with
point of view, because both of those have equal significant impacts on our lives. On the one hand, many early technological devices have helped people and changed the
we live. The invention of printing,
for example
, has had a profound impact on the
we impart knowledge to the
generation. The printing press allows books and newsletters to be mass-produced, which means that more individuals could gain access to these information sources. The telephone was another early scientific breakthrough that has revolutionized and facilitated current methods of communication.
, people can interact with each other in a far-flung place regardless of the geographical barrier.
, technological advances have led to new forms of transport,
as cars, trains and planes, which have completely changed the
we commute from home to workplace and trade goods.
On the other hand
, I contend that
cutting-edge technology
ushers in some merits
our life.
, the presence of computer and the Internet enables individuals to shop online conveniently, which makes human life definitely more convenient. With only a click of the mouse, it is possible to purchase merchandise
as clothes and daily necessities without even leaving our comfortable home.
In addition
, as to space technology, the advent of space shuttles assists astronauts in carrying out space exploration programmes, which can broaden human’s horizons about not only terrestrial planets but
extraterrestrial lives on earth,
as supernovas or black holes. In conclusion, while people can reap a variety of powerful effects from the early technological advancements, I do not believe that they can totally outweigh the recent ones. New Essay The essay was modified. You should check your essay again. IELTS Essay Correction 8 linking words, meeting the goal of 7 or more
the phone to now be mobile and connected to the internet.
has had incredible impacts on the
inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of
their lives with people using phones for so many everyday activities and for connecting around the world. In conclusion, I would argue that
some older technological developments are important, some new ones are too. The impacts on ordinary people’s
lives, therefore depend
lives therefore depend
depends on the type of technology in question.
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To get an excellent score in the IELTS Task 2 writing section, one of the easiest and most effective tips is structuring your writing in the most solid format. A great argument essay structure may be divided to four paragraphs, in which comprises of four sentences (excluding the conclusion paragraph, which comprises of three sentences).

For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Sentence 1 - Background statement
    • Sentence 2 - Detailed background statement
    • Sentence 3 - Thesis
    • Sentence 4 - Outline sentence
  • Paragraph 2 - First supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 3 - Second supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 4 - Conclusion
    • Sentence 1 - Summary
    • Sentence 2 - Restatement of thesis
    • Sentence 3 - Prediction or recommendation

Our recommended essay structure above comprises of fifteen (15) sentences, which will make your essay approximately 250 to 275 words.

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