some people get into debt by buying things they don't need and can't afford. what are reasons for this behavior? what action can be taken to prevent people from having this problem?

There is an argument suppressed in the society that many individuals are purchasing stuffs which they are not in need of, as well as, it is beyond their purchasing power. The situation is triggered by different premises that will be discussed
in the essay.
, peer pressure from friends or colleagues are the basic reason that influences a person to buy
items they don't desire.
For example
, talking about owning video games has become a trend among the teenagers now-a-days, due to
show off process many non-interested guys are now buying new editions of Play Station, just to have the same discussion topic.
On the other hand
, social media
also plays
also play
a key role in tempting the audience to consume items that are branded and costly.
For instance
, there are many Brands
as, Nike, H & M, they showcase their products in a manner via celebrities which makes indigenous people bound to follow.
, more and more credit cards are being swapped in order to purchase these items. To combat against
raising debt madness,
and for most, it is important for the human beings
to have
self-realization, which can be either be done by sharing their honest financial condition with friends or try to avoid watching adverts that increases temptation for
barbarous plots.
For example
, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, where mélange of ads pops up every now and
, can be controlled by the person operating the account by using hide option to minimize these advertisements.
As a result
, mere explanation with simple "no" will save a lot of money. In conclusion, to recapitulate, having something unnecessary which costs a lot of fortune will bring mental pressure, since, back of the mind will always worry about paying off.
, considering options before buying items will be
wise idea
a wise idea

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