people's shopping habits depend more on the age group they belong to than any other factor. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Purchase is a favourite topic since the inception of the business. It is believed by many that it is subjective to one’s
rather than anything else. I completely agree with
notion and
essay will demonstrate the reasons for the same. One primary reason for
is the experience.
In other words
, people tend to learn from their past mistakes, and prevent making them in the future.
is true with reference to the purchase patterns as well, the more a person ages the less they tend to spend. In any family,
for instance
, parents are more sceptical about expenditure compared to the children,
is because with the progress in the time older generations learn the importance of finances. Certainly, though the market contains overwhelming products, the purchasing habits are completely dependent upon the demographics. Other factors
as passion are merely proportional to purchasing.
That is
to say, there are people who are enthusiastic irrespective of
, but only a few.
, they belong mostly to the luxury class,
as celebrities, politics and sports. To illustrate, a recent survey conducted by economic times reported that, the ratio of spending habits in online and offline stores is 1:10 when comparing senior and junior citizens.
, even if the higher
groups shop their numbers are skewed. To conclude, yes, to shop is inversely proportional to the
. In general, the greater the
, lesser the tendency to shell out money.
there are purchases from older
groups, they are quite a few transactions.
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