some people say history is one of the most important school subject other people think that, in todays world subjects like science and technology are more important than history.discuss both the views and give your own opinion .

It is necessary for each and every individual to realize the value of education. Some echelons of society believe that the past subject is very mandatory for the adolescents, but others opine that nowadays subjects
as discipline and robotics have taken much priority rather than past.
essay will delve into both views before embarking on my own opinion. When it comes to why individuals think that antiquity subject is available in school curriculum. The prime view is that, at the present day mortals are attracted by the advancement of technology. And they
forget their traditions and customs. But with the help of past syllabus juveniles can boost up their knowledge.They know about their ancestors, traditions, cultures, weapons as well as living standard of past era masses.
For example
, a national museum in Delhi is located for the multitudes where they can learn their past past like as wars, utensils. In
museum all the things about past life are available. On the flip side, why the information and mechanics subjects are more significant than past.
and foremost point is that, with the help of education robots are made. Mechanical person is very beneficial in the extreme conditions where humans are helpless. Artificial machines not only work on difficult tasks, but
do work in household chores
as cleaning, mopping and so on.
For instance
, in tsunami where humans cannot give help. At those stages bionic people do work with the help of folks. In spite of
, folks are fully aware about the weather situations. But
information can take with the cooperation of technique and technology.If human beings use more and more machinery
conjunction used in comparatives
they will save their energy and age. In conclusion, once again, I would like to reiterate that skill and automation academics are very essential for the overall development of individuals. According to me multitudes had better prepared technique subjects as compared to the past.The sooner the people understand the pros of technology, it is better for them.
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