Overpopulation in many big cities in the world is a major problems. What are the causes of this? How can this problem be solved?

In the complicated nowadays, cities seem to be quite over-populated and that has become a major problem in some countries. There are several reasons and solutions to tackle the problem.
To begin
, industrialization and modernization are the main causes of over-populated in cities.
That is
the more industrial
the most industrial
zones, the more job opportunities have been created, which leads to a great deal of people from rural areas would migrate to metropolitan in order to seek for a better job. Some industrial zones
as A Sao, Tan Binh, and so on, which are located in Ho Chi Minh City,
for example
, allow thousands of labour to work and stay there. Another reason is that the birth rate in cities has increased in recent years. Thanks to the modernization, families who now have greater living conditions want to have more children. Some actions need to be taken to tackle the problem.
, the government should publish a new law which enacted each family could only have at most 2 children.
For example
, the authorities in of China
enacted a similar law that allows families to have one child only and somewhat controlled the natural birth rate in its country.
, the government should pay more attention to industrialization and modernization in rural areas to make it an ideal destination for the domestic labour market.
Thus not
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Thus, not
only encouraging local people to work and stay in their hometown, but the
attracts a great number of people who come to work there. In conclusion, there are still many reasons which cause overpopulation in big cities.
As a result
, the government should immediately take several actions to deal with the major issue.

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