These days, a great number of children prefer spending time on computer games rather than on sports. Why Is it a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, many children spend much time playing computer games and ignore physical activities.
essay will explain why I consider it a negative trend. On the one hand, spending too much time on computer games without doing any physical exercises can have many detrimental effects on children
as health problems and isolation.
, since designers create their games to be highly engaging, children cannot resist their temptation to stop playing games.
games, which bring friendly contents like animated cartoon characters, will certainly encourage children, especially kids, to spend the whole day playing. As a consequence, they may be prone to many well-being problems
as obesity and poor eyesight in the long run.
, if children play aggressive video games, they may become more aggressive and desensitize to the real-life violence, which may keep them socially isolated from their friends.
, they may find it hard to make friends, which can limit their prospect of success later on because success is often built on a supportive network of contacts.
On the other hand
, the enhancement of the physical and mental development of children is mostly contributed by sports.
, one major benefit of playing sport is that it can be a helpful way of reducing stress and do wonders for children’s health.
In addition
, by playing sports, they can not only make new friends, but learn to be a team member. When they participate in one sport
as football, it enables them to establish connections with others and understand the importance of team building, which is often considered as an excellent preparation for adulthood. In conclusion, it is true that children nowadays spend much time on computer games play down sports. For all the reasons mentioned above, I believe
trend does more harm than good.

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