The current trend in education is to move away from traditional exams and instead have continuous assessment over the school year. What do you think of this trend ?

As the times pass, many things change in the sphere of life.
, there have been changes in the education system as well. On big change is that these days
of having bi-yearly exams, students are assessed throughout the year via assignments, tests, projects etc. I think that it is a positive change. To commence with, the most important advantage of the current trend is that students are connected with the studies year round via assignments, projects, tests etc.
leads to another advantage that because of continuous learning, they get assessed for the whole year.
allows teachers to notice the shortcomings of students early and
, can help them in a timely manner.
For instance
, in the sixth standard, my teacher had observed that I was not performing well in geometry. So, she gave me extra assignments to help me cover my weaknesses.
, another advantage is that it allows parents to be aware of the work of their child in the class from the very beginning of the session. If parents do not keep a continuous eye on the performance of their kids,
they can easily go off track. The current system provides continuous feedback to kids and
, parents can take necessary actions for the improvement of their child's performance.
For example
, a recent study shows that 80% of bad habits in kids can be improved by continuous monitoring and efforts. To conclude, I think that the current education scheme has eliminated a few of the shortcomings of traditional system. It has
brought many advantages
as continuous assessment and correction of students by teachers and parents can easily keep track of the performance of their kid.

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