Some people make new friends on social sites and Internet chat rooms.Some people think it is a good thing .Some people think it is better to make friends face to face.Discuss both views and give your opinion

Technology has removed the distance barrier from the face of the earth,
making it quite easy to befriend a person from the comfort of your home. Some individuals are of the opinion that meeting people on social media platforms is a positive thing, while others think the conventional way of making friends is better.
essay will discuss both perspectives and argue that while making friends the conventional way is better and safer, meeting friends online cannot be avoided sometimes. Some people are of the opinion that physical meeting is the best way to make friends.
is indeed understandable because many people are not really who they claim to be online,
, they end up defrauding people.
For example
, a study at Harvard showed that the incidence of online theft has increased exponentially and
increase is proportionate to the increased use of social media in recent times.
In addition
, a higher level of bonding can be achieved between friends who meet regularly.
, based on these reasons, it could actually be better to meet and make friends in their/your physical world. In spite of the reasons above, I think social sites and social platforms have been very useful in bonding individuals from the ends of the world. Many individuals today are time poor due to the high demand of their workplace;
, they rarely have the spare time to socialise and have to rely heavily on chat rooms and online platforms.
In addition
, some individuals migrate, moving from a place with friends and family to a place where they have nobody for reasons
as education or career. These people rely on social media platforms to connect with others in the same age group as theirs in their environs. In conclusion, people use chat rooms to make friends globally today. Some people believe that it is better to make friends conventionally while others think that the use of social sites and internet chat room is a positive one.
essay discussed the two perspectives and argued that while it is safe to make friends physically, social media platforms have been extremely useful in bringing people together from different parts of the world and in my opinion,
that is
better and faster.

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