Some people believe that adults always do exercise and sports because of the major sports events that shown on T.V like the Olympic Games and Football World Cup. While others say that there are many other ways to encourage them to practice exercises other than T.V shows. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is an undeniable fact that, the people these days show a great interest in sports. Some people think that it is the influence of gaming events, like the Olympics and Football World Cup, which compels them to exercise. While, others argue that certain other methods could be applied to encourage people to work out, apart from these television shows. In
essay, I would like to discuss both these schools of thought and would suggest that the former point of view is far better than the latter.
, introducing physical training classes in the schools and colleges could have a great impact on compelling people towards sports.
For example
, when children are made to participate in exercise classes in schools, they learn to stay fit from the very early years of their life.
, they develop a deep interest in exercising and staying healthy, which they continue even when they get old.
, arranging sports competitions in educational institutions could
motivate people to take part in the games. But, these measures are, unfortunately, inapplicable to every child and adult.
is because not every institute is able to offer
facilities to the students.
On the contrary
, with the availability of television in every house in the world, these days, and with a large number of channels featuring sporting events, it is quite easy for most of the people, both adults and children, to watch them and practice whichever game they like.
For instance
, there are a large number of fans of Christiano Ronaldo, a renowned footballer, who follow him and try to be like him, for which they play football keenly and
stay healthy.
, badminton and cycling, are the sports in which many people take part, because they watch their favourite players on the television shows and idealize them.
copying is a healthy one and there is no harm if people choose to stay healthy
way. To conclude,
, with the provision of options like training classes and gaming competitions, adults could be motivated to exercise,
, watching their idols winning on T.
V is a
an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it
booster for the people and a far more important reason to work out.

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