Some people think that parents have the greatest influence on their child’s academic development, while other think that a child’s teacher has more influence. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Education is fundamental to the progress of a nation, a community or an individual. Many think that parents are the greatest influences for the academic development of kids, whereas some think that teachers have more impact. I think that both play an important role in the studies of a child. To commence with, parents are the
teachers for the kid. They learn lots of things from their parents.
For instance
, a new born baby learns to talk, walk etc., by observing the parents.
, home becomes the very initial educational institution for a child. The environment of a home and personalities of parents has a huge impact on kids. To illustrate, if parents create an education friendly environment and spend their time helping children in their studies,
they will surely improve their skills and get good grades.
On the contrary
, if parents themselves do not value education, it is very likely that the kid might get the same influence.
, the role of teachers is
very important in the academic development of students. Teachers introduce kids to a new world of academics which is full of opportunities and curiosities. Once students are curious enough,
they help them to quench their thirst to learn. They help kids analyse their abilities and to enhance them.
For example
, they know what are their strengths and weaknesses, and help them to work on their weaknesses. Many students have their teachers as their role models. To conclude, in my opinion, both parents and teachers play a very important in the academic development of children. They must join hands to help them in studies and achieve their dreams.

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