The number of overweight children in developed countries is increasing. Some think this problem is due to fast food outlets.Others believe that parents are to blame for not looking after their child health. Do what extent do you agree or disagree

Nowadays overweight in children has been soaring in the today's world. Few individuals opine that
problem is due to consuming fast meal. While others argue that parents are not responsible for their toddler's health. I strongly agree with
notion that overweight is occurred due to eating unhealthy food and by parents negligence on their children.
essay will delineate on the following reasons.
Firstly some
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Firstly, some
masses believe that we are surrounded by numerous shops which contain unhealthy foodstuff
as chips
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fried chicken to attract the children. By eating oily cuisine continuously kids tend to get overweight.
has created a whole generation of adults who have never cooked their meals.
For instance
, working parents purchase the instant snack for their children due to their busy schedule and careless.
Moreover infants
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Moreover, infants
are addicted to outside cuisine, which contains fatty with low price.
Thus if
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Thus, if
restaurants are fewer
conjunction used in comparatives
offsprings would not be tempted to buy takeaway foods.
Secondly other
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Secondly, other
individuals blame the parents for allowing their children to become overweight because good eating begins at an early stage of life.
For example
, if infants are given healthy food at home
of chips, ice creams, burgers and other beverages
they choose not to eat outside food.
, parents are not taking much responsibility for their health so children are addicted to salty and spicy foods. If parents try to explain the kids about the causes occur due to consuming fatty foods than the problem can be solved partially.
Consequently it
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Consequently, it
is the primary responsibility of parents to take care of their child health.
However children
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However, children
these days became a sedentary lifestyle by sitting at one place and playing games on mobile phones and watching television can cause obesity. So parents should allow their kids to play outside and doing regular exercise like walking and running.
can become healthy lifestyle and
decrease obesity. To summarise, from my opinion analysing both the inabilities I tend to agree that by eating fast cuisine outlets and
parents' negligence can occur
weight gain
in offsprings. Eventually they should involve some regular exercise to decrease their weight.

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