Nowadays plastic money replacements such as credit and debit cards are extremely popular, even more than banknotes and coins. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this?

The usage of cashless payments has indeed surpassed the traditional method of payments
as paper
and metal currencies in popularity.
essay will elucidate the pocket-friendly feature as a primary advantage, and
en describe h
then describes
ow it paves the way for frauds both online and offline. To start with, the easiest method to take a huge sum of
is in the form of credit and debit cards. Nowadays, people prefer to carry a card with them rather than having a heavy wallet or bag.
, due to recent technological advancements, the financial bodies have provided the option of online access to the cards through mobile phones and computer applications
as Google and Apple pay. To make it effective, banks and credit companies have been investing on a large scale to develop new features in
For example
, recently a new chip has been inserted into cards to make the transactions quicker just by tapping it on the payment machine.
way, customers would not have to wait in long queues.
has proved to be more convenient in usage than paper currency.
, the major drawback of the modern currency is that it hikes the chances of fraudulent activities in
cashless world. To elucidate, hackers can steal all the personal details after decrypting the banking codes, and it takes solely a few moments to transfer the
to their card.
, thieves could withdraw thousands of dollars, if they find out any lost card. Not only
, cy
bercriminals c
create the cloning of
and can misuse it without being known to the owner. According to the report of the World Bank, every ye
ar 5 p
Accept comma addition
year, 5
ercent of people are deceived by fraudsters through fake cards worldwide.
, it has become a matter of concern for financial organizations to introduce new safety measures for capital protection. To conclude, undoubtedly digital payments have raised the level of ba
nking industry b
the banking industry
y inserting the
cards to the public’s pocket.
, there are still huge threats to
innovation from online criminals and thieves.
, a highly encrypted and technically secured system would be required.
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