Some people say that protecting the environment is the government’s responsibility. Others believe that every individual should take responsibility for it. Discuss both views, and give your own opinion.

Nowadays the protection of the nature has been a common phenomenon as it is damaged by humans. Some hold that
defence should be carried out by the governing bodies, while others claim it should be implemented by each person. In
essay, I will look at both sides and give my own opinion about
To begin
, it should be said that protecting the environment is one of the duties of government.
is implemented according to the law adopted by official bodies. To do so, every state in the world introduces a big amount of the fine on damaging the territory to cover all the expenses to recuperate the damages.
For example
, in my country, if a forest is on fire due to somebody's or organizations' fault, they have to pay a very large amount money for it.
In addition
, each month the local governor arrange cleanup activities in every community. These are the main ways of the protecting the earth of every country.
, the protection, should
be carried out by people, who are the main factor in causing harm to the environment.
For example
, nowadays we can experience many fabrics polluting the air, or people throwing away their rubbish on the streets.
, it must be claimed that if the government only tries to protect the environment,
it will be obstacles, or even impossible because of the irresponsibilities of a few people.
, everyone should feel that
is their own problem to defend the nature, via
we can achieve more in the protecting our land. To conclude, the safety of the surroundings should be the responsibility of both the government and humans. In my opinion, the responsibility of the safety of our land should be taken equally by each person and the authority and, if every person feels that it is their own issue, we can perform better.
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