The typical teaching situation of a teacher and students in the class will not exist by the year 2050. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the rampant progress in technology, it is undeniable that there shall be numerous changes in the future. There is a school of thought that thinks that by the year 2050, the usual teaching methods shall be completely eradicated. In my opinion, I disagree that the traditional teaching methods will be replaced entirely in the future. In
essay, we shall discuss
. Online education is a double edged sword, and there are various reasons for it. On the one hand, it is convenient, cost-effective and saves time. To illustrate, the individual does not have to commute to reach college or have a discussion with his/her tutor thereby saving time, and money, and plus the person can attend classes or lectures at the comfort of his/her home.
, he/she can attend or review any missed lecture anytime.
, the cost of infrastructure for building college or universities will be exempted as there is no need for any classroom.
On the other hand
, there are some drawbacks to
for instance
, as almost everything is done online and so
makes it completely reliable on the internet connection.
, loss or any disruption in connectivity can hamper the entire process.
, the cost of these internet connections are not always affordable.
online classes decline the gist of learning which as physical interaction which eventually leads to loneliness and depression. In conclusion, online education cuts both ways;
, it shall be unnecessary to completely remove physical education and replace it with computerized study.
, there could even better alternatives that shall benefit the teaching system in the future.
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