More and more people are moving away from an agricultural background to relocate to cities in order to look for work. What will be the consequences of this? What solutions can you offer?

It is often argued that many people are inured to a labour activity,
as agricultural in the country side. The more and more citizen is preferred centre of the city than suburb, it is because of compensation of incomes. Cause of to encourage from authority to backing price of goods, soul insurance, healths, and other factors that impacts to people who are a producer. Contribution from the government should the solution that solves their issues.
, many people who are living and doing an agricultural in their heart in another site of the country. They preferred to moving away from their background that always backing to population in the nation. Despite obtaining less income from their job, but it is must be better than living in the located that cannot be surviving at all.
, farming is feeding population in the world, but they cannot live without encouraging from their cabinet.
, they decide to leave their place.
For example
, my whole soul, I am a labourer, but I have to leave my home because I need to make an income to backing my family. We earn income once in a year. So, better to find out a job and work in different industry.
I have a backing families. A possible solution for solving an issue, Farmers need contributed from the government,
as, buying their goods and products.
, authority can be built up a dam for saving water to use for all farms. Because in the summer, many places are on enough water for processing the system to harvesting products, and need to the parliamentary control the price of goods and consumer.
For instance
, Price of products must determine by state,
needs to find out supplier for buying goods and saving grower's growth as
factor should be measuring that can backing nation economics. To conclude, people moving away from their background cause by jobs and opportunity in their soul to be surviving as human as need food for days.
, many people have needed support from the government, and state
also wnat
also wants
also want
to contribute by the population of their country.
, the contributions each other is the best way to solving an issue of the nation and the citizen's life
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