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Farmers are shifting to urban regions of the country for better work and life, leaving their villages and farmlands. While this trend poses both rural and urban problems, I think the government can take important steps to control the migration.
Urbanization is now expanding because rural population wants to find better employment opportunities in the city. As a result a number of problems arise, but there are also acts to prevent them.
While many experts in the field of economy believe that it is more beneficial for a country to increase taxes in order to support and provide a variety of social programs for the citizens, others advocate the implementation of lowered taxes with the inten
It is often argued that many people are inured to a labour activity, such as agricultural in the country side. The more and more citizen is preferred centre of the city than suburb, it is because of compensation of incomes. Cause of to encourage from auth
Nowadays, more and more people want to move away from rural areas to developing city. People think that prosperous city will lead to a better life, and they will not be in need for money. As a result, rural areas stop in development because of the less qu
Many persons from farmer lands migrate to cities for new job opportunities. These migrations have some serious affects and it can lead to issues for their country but some appropriate policies might solve these problems.
In the modern generation rid of the agricultural background. Youngsters, immigrate to urban side and work for technical aspects, such as software engineers. It seems, the production of agricultural proportion has decreased in past two decades. Because, Ag
Many individuals are from rural areas move to cities to find a job. The primary consequence of this phenomenon are advantages of a city’s life and the most viable solution is to provide the necessary work condition for people in the countryside.
Every year more and more students choose to study online rather than attend classes on campus. Why do you think students prefer to study online? What can universities do to attract students to study on campus?
Because of industrialisation and focusing on big cities. Rural dwellers now migrate from their homes lifting their land behind them. Let us consider the consequences arising from this, and then outline the possible solution.
Farming is the main job in rural areas, but it is not generating enough revenue for farmers. Due to this significant number of farmers are getting relocated to urban areas to earn sustainable wages. This situation has an adverse impact on crop production
Many countries income source is mainly dependent on Agriculture. A drastic decrease in the food production can be seen over a decade due to the people who are changing their profession from agriculture and moving to cities to find a new profitable employm
In this modern world, due to the development of technology and the progress of education a large number of job openings are seen in the urban cities.The majority of the people have started migrating to urban cities leaving behind their agricultural backgr
Nowadays a growing number of people are shifting to urban regions of the country by leaving their villages and farmland for better work and life. This trend causes a decrease in agricultural productivity as well as generate more urban problems due to incr
Over the last few decades, there has been an unprecedented rise in urbanisation. A growing number of individuals from rural areas are settling into cities to find better employment opportunities. This trend has several negative influences which are going
Nowadays, people have a tendency to move away from the outskirts area to settle into cities with the aim of finding better employment opportunities. This essay will examine the consequences of this and various measures can be drawn to tackle it.
Today, most of the farmers are moving to urban areas from rural areas for work, Because of so many reasons. They may be weather is not supported for agriculture or for their children’s education.
In this contemporary era, there have changed to living life style day to day. Plethora of agricultural people prefer to move to city due to the work. In this essay, I will discuss intends of what are happen to this phenomenon and how to evaluates this per
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